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Final Lookout 2
28 June 2010

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Squawk 2
8 March 2010

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Elipse of the Arch
11 November 2009

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High Tea
5 October 2009

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Grandma's Orchid
8 July 2009

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Garth at Night
10 June 2009

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7 June 2009

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And the Winner is...
7 April 2009

Recent Comments

David C Steele on Mont St. Michel 4
Nice picture...keep that D 60 rolling for more

Céline on Mont St. Michel 2
Nice shot ! You found a good spot for this one !

Céline on Mont St. Michel 3
Nice shot !

Wild Mustang Photography on Mont St. Michel 4
Checking in Dana! Hope everything is ok or you are having the time of your life, I hope!!!!!!

Wild Mustang Photography on Mont St. Michel 4
Very beautiful image! Wonderful lights and colors! Great POV! Well done night shot!!!!

Céline on Mont St. Michel 4
Nice shot ! How did you like my Brittany ?

Wild Mustang Photography on Chateau de Marcay
Beautiful and romantic! Very happy shot which shows the happiest moments in life worth living!!!! Stunning and ...

Wild Mustang Photography on Mont St. Michel 2
Very beautiful POV and perspective! Wonderful light and colors!!!!

Wild Mustang Photography on Mont St. Michel 3
This is beautiful! Your dad would be very proud of your images! I love the perspective and symmetry! What a beautiful ...

Wild Mustang Photography on Mont St. Michel 4
WOW! This is beautiful, Dana! This should be a Spotlight shot! 5*****!

don on Mont St. Michel 4
A fine night shot of this amazing building. An impressive image!

Sam on Mont St. Michel 3
Great angle here. Excellent :)

Sam on Sacre Coeur
Fantastic image. Wonderful composition. 5***** :)

Sam on Chambord
Wonderful shot. Lovely :)

حسن صنوبری on Mont St. Michel 3
very good dana!

Curly on Les jardins 3
What a fantastic place it is!

Look13 on Les jardins 2
Salut. A very nice castle, wonderfull framing. Good job. Great cheer.

Sylvie49 capture image on Final Lookout 2
strange ! but very nice.

Sylvie49 capture image on Mont St. Michel
Beautiful and good memories for you !

Sylvie49 capture image on Azay le Rideau 2
perfect reflection

Sylvie49 capture image on Chinon
increasingly close to me!

Sylvie49 capture image on Les jardins 2
I am familiar castle near me, and very beautiful.

Wild Mustang Photography on Chinon
Lucky you! This is beautiful! I love the composition and color/clarity! Must have been a great time! You deserve it ...

Garfield on Mont St. Michel
You've composed this one so nicely - wish I were in the picture :))

Qwcio on Mont St. Michel
This is my home ;-) Isn't it a wonderfull place? Don't forget to come back!!!!!

Wild Mustang Photography on Azay le Rideau 1
Stunning composition and beautiful clarity and color! Perfect light! A fantastic structure!!!!

Beat on Azay le Rideau 1
what a beautifull composition. very well doen

JCJ on Chenonceau 2
beau point de vue :)

Dana on Some Foreshadowing
Judy - I will work on amping up the porftfolio. Thank you so much for the compliment. I have really enjoyed ...

Olivier on Chenonceau
Douce France...

Judy aka L@dybug on Chambord
What a wonderful shot and a marvelous memory, I am certain!

Judy aka L@dybug on Fontainebleau Jardin
This is beautiful ... and the vertical isn't off enough to worry about IMO, though normally I have a very critical ...

Judy aka L@dybug on Sacre Coeur
...and no one SAW this? What a pity!!! *****

Judy aka L@dybug on Rainbow
Gorgeous ... I'm glad I found you!

Judy aka L@dybug on Some Foreshadowing
Dana, your photos are fantastic ... and a wonderful tribute to your dad, David! If I may be bold, I would suggest (when ...

Dana on Fontainebleau Jardin
I don't have photoshop and I actually liked the composure.

Curly on Fontainebleau Jardin
Fabulous shot Dana, and you worked so well to fill the foreground with interest.

JCJ on Fontainebleau Jardin
nice flowers in foreground... do you know shiftN to correct the vertical lines??

Tulip on Fontainebleau
very nice photo

Dana on Rainbow
Nina - Thank you

Nina on Rainbow
I can't believe I'm the first to comment....this is very cool...the rainbow against the building. Well seen ...

Tulip on Le cimetiere de Montmartre
very nice view

Céline on Les Catacombes
Nice shot ! I need to visit the catacombs next time I go back to France !

Céline on Some Foreshadowing
Cool shot ! So, how did you like my country ?

Tina Hudson on Some Foreshadowing
I can't find a single French word in the picture. Even the street sign does not give away the location.

Wild Mustang Photography on 3, 7, Ace
Wonderful capture! Nice color and clarity! Like I am really there!

Dutçh on 3, 7, Ace
A really fun photo of the performers!

Don on Pikovaya Dama
A fine stage shot. Unusually good considering normal stage lighting. Excellent.

Jerry - a moment in time [...] on Pirates take the Maidens
clear an crisp theatrical shot. congrats!

Céline on July 4th
Nice shot !

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